Commissioners: stop pushing the LNG rock up Clifton Road. The time has come for Clatsop County to throw off the yoke of Bradwood Landing's liquefied natural gas proposal, and acknowledge that the right answer is "no.""No" is the answer that is consistent with our development rules for building at Bradwood. "No" is the answer that was recommended by the county's own staff. "No" was the conclusion of the independent county consultant. "No" is the answer that the Land Use Board of Appeals has twice pointed to. "No" best represents the overwhelming public opinion of those who testified. "No" protects salmon. "No" protects fishing. "No" is the answer that is consistent with the facts and with the law. "No" is the more defensible stance.

"No" would have, and still will, survive appeal because "no" is more consistent with the vision the local residents of Bradwood had in mind when they created the Bradwood Area Plan, and we, Clatsop County, adopted it and agreed to live by it. People thought they could count on some level of predictability for future development.

And they could, until Bradwood Landing led you, the board of county commissioners, down the primrose path, assuring you that they were right and we were wrong. You failed in your duty to represent us. You failed in your duty to uphold the law. You failed in your duty to be impartial judges.

The LUBA opinion gives you a remarkable third chance to do the right thing. To tell Bradwood Landing that we are tired of trying to hammer their square peg into a round hole. It will take courage, but you can redeem yourselves. You can be heroes to us once again by immediately adopting new findings of fact consistent with LUBA, and denying Bradwood's application.



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