Regarding “Herzig pleads to settle DUII fight” (The Daily Astorian, Jan. 28): This article informed us that council member Russ Warr does not wish to surrender (“We didn’t pick this fight,” Warr said. “Should we not defend ourselves?”).

Mayor Willis Van Dusen dismissed concern over the history of inadequate performance by our Municipal Court regarding Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) cases, stating about one of the noteworthy examples: “We had everything different except for the judge. The judge was the same.” Fortunately, I guess, judges are not important in court cases.

Council member Karen Mellin believes that the dispute is about who got the better grades in law school and, “It’s really pretty much a power and control issue.”

Except for City Council member Drew Herzig, is anyone concerned with what is best for the citizens of our city – you remember, the people whose best interests our mayor and council swore an oath to represent?

More than half a century ago, our nation formally rejected the myth that separate justice could possibly be equal justice, and we turned our backs on the principle of separate but equal. All of our county’s DUII cases are handled by the same court system, judges and prosecutors – except in Astoria. Our mayor and council have spent (and continue to spend) tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to preserve this disgraced principle of separate justice.

Thank you, Drew Herzig. Without your pursuit of the best interests of our city’s citizens, we would still be unaware of what actually motivates your compatriots. Keep up the good work.


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