The folks who would have you believe that you would be saving Seaside by voting no on the proposed highway 101 project are just really not being very truthful.

I get the impression that they would have us all believe that we should wait for some "dream-bypass" road, expand and modify the current 101 to some three lanes only, or something like it, and we would be better off not buying into the ODOT plan because ODOT is some sort of big bad "bogeyman" we should not trust.

They would wreak havoc on our neighborhoods and town. Give me a break! Do any of these people really live in Seaside, or do they just have interests that possibly have reasons in not changing the statuesque. I have to shake my head in disbelief at the craziness of seeing all those big yellow signs as I was held up in traffic again through town during a normal Saturday. I guess some people like gridlock. Some people make money off gridlock.

The "Save Seaside" no vote plan, is in reality, a "cover" reason for not building a new highway. The real reason is as simple as this: A few folks gambled on not having to deal with a major highway change to their businesses or homes. You wonder what these people were thinking when they bought their home or started a business next to a major highway. They must have known that just maybe, maybe, someday that highway could or would change. They knew that going in.

Whoever said that Highway 101 was never going to change? They would have been foolish not to think that someday it wasn't going to happen. So, now it's time for this to happen, and of course they don't like it. So don't believe for one moment it's to save Seaside as a quaint, humble little seaside village. It's because of money already gambled on a losing bet and some are just trying to save what they can.

Vote yes for the highway project. It's time. It's needed. A vote yes is for making Seaside a far better place for all of us, not just a few. There are no excuses. The "vote-no" folks are really voting for a few, to the detriment and safety of everyone else who lives, works or plays here.

Brian Roland