In the "Cabbages and Kings" column in The Daily Astorian May 24, the editor, as usual brands President Ronald Reagan as the man who invented greed and who gave his personal approval for "anything goes" when it comes to greed.

If that were true (and of course, it's pure bias), then that Clinton pair were his most adept students.

First of all, when those grifters left the White House, they stole nearly everything that wasn't nailed down - items that belonged to the nation's taxpayers. Since then, the male half of that pair has gobbled up more than $16 million in honoraria from foreign interests, including from countries such as China and Saudi Arabia. That sum doesn't even include plums such as the $500,000 he gobbled up as a lobbyist from the United Arab Emirates in that nation's quest to take over operations at six U.S. port terminals.

How's that for "giving greed a chance?"

The name Clinton is a synonym for greed, aside of course from other distasteful characteristics. And, addressing that myth that the newspaper tries to sell its readers - that President Bush's "only economic policy has been tax cuts for the very wealthy" - if you knew or cared, you would include the fact that Bush's tax cuts made the tax code more progressive, meaning that lower income groups received a greater percentage tax-rate reduction than higher income groups.

Another interesting point is that Bush's tax cuts produced a 14.6 percent increase in federal revenues in 2005 over the previous year. Remember that the top 50 percent of wage earners pay 96 percent of income taxes, while the top 1 percent pays 33.7 percent of all federal income taxes. Ignoring certain facts and figures helps to make a point, doesn't it?




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