I have been a member of the Democratic Party for more than 25 years, and I ask now, where is Gov. John Kitzhaber on the Oregon economy? We are all very much aware that Oregon was hard hit by the recent recession. All too many elected officials now appear to allow the special interest groups have great influence of their decisions. Especially over our Gov. Kitzhaber’s ear with their deep financial pockets.

He claims to have as a priority jobs for Oregonians, smiles on TV when tech industries come to Oregon, and takes his bow for his administration. However something is missing. For more than 100 years, Clatsop and Columbia counties have had a strong foundation in their economy from the gillnet fisheries.

This is the real bread and butter of the communities. It supports the local businesses, pays for mortgages, puts food on the table and helps feed families, and helps to educate their children. Why doesn’t the governor see this? I guess you need to wear blinders to get the Big Money from the sports fishing industry.

Why, oh why, does he not look at the scientific data of the Oregon fisheries, which clearly establishes how healthy the salmon run is. All the fish and game reports show the that the fish run is not down, and the species is not endangered. The powerful sports lobby knows these facts, and yet chooses to keep them under wraps. Yet they want more fish. I just don’t understand the selfish attitude.

Just a few years ago, on a statewide vote sponsored by the sports fishing group, the citizen’s vote, by a very comfortable margin, spoke loud and clear to keep the gillnetters. How our elected officers could ignore this, I do not know, but they did. So much for the will of the people.

Support our economy, support the gillnet fishermen. How can Gov. Kitzhaber even consider running again for office when he does not have the best interests of our local citizens of Clatsop and Columbia counties at heart?

The governor has turned his back on the vote of the people by ignoring their support for the gillnetter. It would be most appropriate for the voters of Oregon to turn their backs, denying support for his re-election.


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