It's almost the season for tank tops and short shorts, and that means a violation of Warrenton High school's dress codes and a repetitive fight amongst students and faculty.

But the warm weather isn't the only thing that brings on the constant battle between teachers and students. Today's fashion is to blame. It's not uncommon for students today to wear jeans full of holes or low cut tops. But I believe there is a time and a place for students to show skin, and that is most certainly not in the classroom.

Warrenton did an exceptionally good job enforcing the dress code when I was in high school, just last year, but when I pick my cousin up from school I see young girls trying to push the limit with low cut tops and short shorts. It almost seems like they think the shorter the better. It's the same with the boys. They think that the more underwear that they show the cooler they are.

I think they deserve a wake-up call. Nobody wants to see what they are trying to show. I think that if the dress code doesn't shape up, maybe uniforms should be considered.

Emily Kelso