A contributor to your Friday Exchange, Joseph Webb, stated that it was fortunate that there were not enough "stupid people in America" to elect Sarah Palin should she choose to run for national office ("The Palin hubbub," The Daily Astorian, Nov. 27). He, of course, can't prove that contention. 

However, it's already been proven that there were certainly enough stupid people in the nation to elect an empty suit whose only experience was as a community organizer in the Chicago slums, with a couple of very unproductive years in the senate, with no executive experience, was educated and influenced by socialists, convicted criminals and America-hating demagogues and who is now way over his head and in deep trouble. 

And so, due to his bumbling, is the nation. As to Webb "honoring" me as a "very loud spokesperson here on the North Coast" speaking so eloquently for all the "Tea Partyites, Beckites, Luddites, stalactites, and meteorites" (what, no troglodytes?), I feel great pride in his recognizing me thusly. An old saying goes this way: "Say anything you want about me, but spell my name right." Unfortunately, Webb failed in that endeavor.




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