Organic farming on a small scale is what is going to keep our progeny from starving in the future, as they are saving heirloom breeds and seeds.

The number of varieties of commercially available garden seed alone has dwindled to a mere 15 percent of what it was in the 1980s, and farm animal varieties have fared even worse. The varieties were developed over centuries to feed humans when the climate and conditions varied from year to year, and will be ever more important in the future, with massive climate changes.

House bill 875 will kill small organic farm operations, as it is too expensive for them to compete with mega-agriculture giants like Monsanto, who grow large mono-crops and genetically modify crops to bear infertile seeds and animals to have no offspring.

This bill is being introduced too fast and without public knowledge or comment. We have a right to have our small independent farm operations. Large agri-business companies can cause mass starvation in the future if they continue down the same path.

Sharon Amber

Cannon Beach