Enough already. I am one Clatsop County resident who has had enough of the bullying being done by the county commissioners, all but Sam Patrick. Yes, I voted in the last election, and sadly voted for at least two of those wanting to take the stipend from our district attorney. But their resume did not say "does not play well with others" as it should have.

We are all aware that commissioners are, quite frankly, a dime a dozen in comparison to a first class district attorney, and we certainly have one in Josh Marquis. His resume backs that up.

This has become a very personal vendetta taken on by the commissioners, and it is time to put a stop to it. We, the voters, elected these people to serve us, their constituents, not to do as they choose to do, as they appear to believe they can. If a recall were held today, how many commissioners would be recalled? Perhaps we should find out.

I am very disappointed in many of the decisions made by the commissioners of Clatsop County, and I am hearing these sentiments echoed by others daily.

Patricia Doney



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