The article "Gas tax or levy in Warrenton" (The Daily Astorian, June 19) states: " Warrenton has approximately 18 miles of roads and one bridge, valued at an estimated $5 million, based on current replacement costs."

The city commission wants to implement a property tax, or a gas tax, to improve our city roads. Well, let's try this first:

Oregon requires vehicles to remove studded snow tires by the first of April. This is to prevent damage to roads when there is no snow or ice on them and to prevent unnecessary costs to citizens.

Yet every day a city of Warrenton service truck drives down my street with studded tires on. This is the end of June, by the way, almost three months past the state-required removal date.

If I were still running studded tires on my vehicle, I'm sure I would have been hit with a hefty fine. If you ask me, the city commission should pull their heads out of their third point of contact and open up their eyes before hitting the taxpaying citizens up for money while they destroy our streets.



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