I am not sure why I keep on hearing that there is a "crisis in Social Security." Social Security is solvent. It will be good well into the next century. Social Security actuaries say that it will do just fine without even minor adjustments until 2042. The Congressional Budget Office put this date out another 10 years to 2052. It will take only minor adjustments with Social Security to insure its solvency well into this next century.

The cost of handling Social Security is one of the most efficient of any government programs. It cost six-tenths of one cent for ever dollar paid out. If it is privatized, the cost will go up to 15 cents for every dollar paid out. In addition, it will incur a deficit in the neighborhood of $2 trillion. Money that will have to be borrowed from somewhere just to meet existing obligations.

Our nation is being flim-flammed. We are being told this story by the same people who said Iraq has WMDs, and Saddam had ties to 9/11. Why fix something that was never broken in the first place?

William Eagle

St. Helens


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