I have wanted to leave the South County Community Food Bank (SCCFB) for a few months now, because it had become a full-time job, some weeks putting in 60 hours or more, both in Seaside and with our monthly trip to Jewell on Saturday. The only way I was able to keep going was that I had some fantastic volunteers.

However, things ended a little differently than I had expected. I did something that the (Clatsop Community Action) Regional Food Bank didn’t agree with. I gave some packages of hot dogs and hamburger buns to an organization for a youth function.

This didn’t take away anything from the food bank customers, and excess has been given to other organizations in the past. Because of this, the regional food bank sanctioned the SCCFB for up to 90 days without getting food from them. The sad thing about this was the only ones being hurt were the customers.

I was able to stay open and keep serving our customers because of the generosity of this community and the businesses that support us. Sixty days into the sanction, regional told the South County Community Food Bank board that if I left, the food bank could start ordering food again, so I left, doing what I thought was best for the food bank and its customers.

One regret I have is not finishing the food bank truck. Several timber contractors donated money to buy the truck and to put the logo on the side, along with the names of those contractors. I didn’t get that project finished; however, there is money to finish it.

I would like to thank the many volunteers who have given their time the last two years that I have been at the food bank. I also want to thank the many businesses who have given donations of food, time and services.

Again, thank you to everyone who has helped me.


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