The Hood-to-Coast runners and walkers have once again gridlocked our city, clogged our highways and side streets, slept overnight on our city streets, pitched tents in the convention center parking lot, littered throughout our town, disrupted our beaches and Prom and, in general, created a carnival honky-tonk atmosphere in our city. ("Region braces for Hood-to-Coast," The Daily Astorian, Aug. 26).

Seaside again lost the sought-out family vacationers days before and after the weekend visit. After all, who would want to get snarled with 20,000 plus participants and not find convenient lodging?

Before Bob Foote, owner of the multi-million-dollar Hood-to-Coast company, again quickly sends his personal representative before the city council to obtain a permit for 2006, maybe it's time for Seaside residents to voice their opinions. Maybe it's time for the City Council to explore options before rubber stamping Foote's application for 2006.

Historically, our chamber has favored the event. Chamber members pour beer at the beach party and Foote contributes $20,000. Maybe our city could find $20,000 to enhance the chamber if the Hood-to-Coast goes elsewhere.

Or, maybe the city of Seaside should develop a business "partnership" with Foote and his Hood-to-Coast company. The assets the city of Seaside would contribute include: our highways and city streets, city parks and restrooms, parking facilities, our beach and the Prom, our police officers, our fire department personnel and equipment, our ambulance and hospital facilities, our garbage and maintenance personnel and equipment. In short, Seaside would donate its entire city to the new "strictly-for-profit business partnership."

Assets that Foote's Hood-to-Coast company would provide to the partnership include 12,000 plus runners and walkers.

As business partners for this huge endeavor, we should reasonably expect to "split the profits." This could be a tidy sum to the city of Seaside.

If the City Council is divided on this issue, maybe they could hire a marketing consultant (a pro from outside our city) to evaluate and give us options and professional guidance.




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