Things that we know to be true: Money was redirected by Father Ted Prentice; Nereyda Antonia Valdes does not have official status with the Catholic Church; Neustro Futuro Inc. was established in February 2003 by Ted Prentice with Antonia Valdes as president; the address on file with the secretary of state for Neustro Futuro Inc. is that of a single-family residence owned by Prentice's parents, and they stated to KATU that they were unaware of the address being used by Prentice for Neustro Futuro; Prentice and Valdes had once been engaged; and in late 2006-early 2007 the parish finance council, in a letter to Prentice with copy to the archdiocese, stated that they felt the financial management of the parish and school was not being handled in a manner that they felt was fiscally responsible.

We may never know the truth. If there is no wrong-doing and Neustro Futuro has been doing wonderful things for the past six years, it is a shame that its accomplishments should be learned through this challenging situation. With Prentice and Valdes' involvement with both St. Mary, Star of the Sea and Neustro Futuro, it seems the existence of this organization should have been common knowledge.

The lack of information about the known facts has inflamed an already tricky situation. There are and will be no winners when this mess settles. We have all lost: the parish, the school, the community and especially the children, due to nondisclosure. Had the full disclosure been made from the archdiocese about the details surrounding the above facts, there would not have been the need for public addressing of these issues.

It is mind-boggling in this day and age, coming off the issues that the Catholic Church has had this past decade, that full disclosure would not have occurred. We may never know the truth, but we do know that this has been an ugly chapter in Astoria's proud history.

Walt Postlewait



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