"Vote 'em out, vote 'em out, vote 'em out, out, out!

Ann Samuelson says in her second letter to the editor singing her own praises ("North vs. South," The Daily Astorian, Oct. 19) that this recall is all because of "North County" folks, who, since they live on the Columbia River will be directly affected by liquefied natural gas, and, since she represents the "South County" district, the issue just doesn't come to rest in her hands.

Gee, if that's the case why didn't Samuelson refrain from voting for the LNG interests on the river, every single time, in the dozens of votes she cast on these issues? 

As for Jeff Hazen, if he only wants to represent business interests and attract new industries to the dunes of Warrenton, perhaps he should resign the County Commission seat and take up with the chamber of commerce. I think they may soon have some openings. Or, just move to the sidelines and be a cheer leader, like me.

Ludefisk, ludefisk, lefsa, lefsa

We are the voters of Clatsop County

Ya, you betcha.