Sorry, but Coast Weekend certainly got the restaurant review wrong on its critique of Gearhart Junction Café ("Milkshakes are your best bet at Gearhart Junction Café," March 18). The café is much superior in its food quality to any of the other restaurants in Gearhart. It is, after all, a café, aka, a diner, not a high end, pricey restaurant, not a supposedly "trendy" restaurant and bar and not an ethnic eatery. It is a good, home-cooked, like mom made in the 1960s venue, and, as such, is a great place to eat.

The thick and juicy burgers are among the best around, the homemade meat loaf is so much better than any I could ever make, the chilli and cheese biscuits are delicious. The strawberry shortcake is like a summer dream come true, and all the other items are well-prepared, affordable, and never disappointing. Did you know there is even a bar-burger, a smaller version of the regular burger, but equally as juicy and delicious?

I think your restaurant reviewer needs to try Gearhart Junction Café again, and then compare it to the other "diners" in town. Then, he ought to try a couple other Gearhart restaurants, compare quality of food, price points and how the restaurants advertise themselves to realize the errors in judgment.




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