Handicapped parking

I went to Fred Meyer to shop. I searched for a handicap parking space. They were all full. I parked in a regular space and had to walk.

I have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and am on oxygen. ItÂ’s hard for me to walk a long way to the store and then shop inside the store. I get winded and tired quickly. However, three vehicles in the handicap spaces had drivers in the vehicles. One reading a paper, one on the phone and one just sitting there looking bored.

I would like to address those three people: If you are handicapped, or your passenger is, why not drop them off and go to a regular parking space so that those of us who are alone, and drive, can park in the designated spots that help us to be closer to the door of the store.

It would be most appreciated if you would think about the people who really need these parking spaces, as they try to live independently and/or have no one to take them. Thank you.


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