This response is directed, specifically, to Astoria Port Commissioner Kathy Sanders:

It is both difficult and frustrating to continue working so hard for the good of so many when those who have an agenda, that doesn't include your input, want to keep building that brick wall to divert your attention, while at the same time use every childish tactic to demean you.

It can be exhausting to the point of saying "The hell with it," but Kathy, I urge you to stay on course and stand your ground.

Just because there are few that attend the Port meetings, it doesn't mean that the public doesn't know what's going on or that we can't "read between the lines."

You have tons of support out here, and it is not the decision of Floyd Holcom, Bill Hunsinger, Larry Pfund, Jack Crider or Dan Hess as to whether or not you should resign. That is the right of the citizen/constituent.

We, the citizens/constituents, elect these commissioners in the "public trust," and we can recall them as well.

Be patient. The dirt always shakes loose, as we've seen before with the Port.

K.C. McGee