An open letter to the Seaside City Council: We know you don't want to hurt us, but what you are about to do will put the health and safety of many families at risk. Before you take an irrevocable action, please read what has to say, and only then say to us, with a clear conscience, we (the Seaside City Council) are 100 percent sure we will not harm your families, your animals, your land and your water.

We live in a floodplain and have experienced five floods in the past two years. Although Scott Olson has given you permission to spray your sludge on his property, the inevitable next flood will transport the sludge to every other property in the valley, into the Lewis and Clark River, into Youngs Bay and into the Columbia River.

Per the Cornell Waste Management Institute study, even trace elements of: barium, molybdenum, silver, cobalt, lead, mercury, nickel, copper, tin, vanadium and zinc found in other treatment plant samples are potentially toxic.

At this time, our land is all natural. Please do something positive for Earth Day, don't pollute our land.


Lewis & Clark River Valley land owner

Tolovana Park


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