I would like to express my appreciation to the Astoria Police Department.

On the morning of Nov. 1, I experienced the worst 20 minutes a parent can go through when I discovered my child was missing from her bus stop. I watched Savannah walk to the bus stop and when I went to wave at her, like I do every morning as the bus pulls away, she wasn't on the bus. After talking with her school and bus barn we discovered she wasn't on any other bus and at that point I called the police and their response was immediate.

As Officer Brian Slotte was taking down information regarding my daughter and another officer was en route to her school, I received the call from her school letting me know that Savannah had arrived with another child's mother who thought she had missed the bus.

It is good to know that the police department is right there and that I also have other concerned, caring people in my neighborhood that drop everything at that given moment a child is missing. I am proud to live in Astoria.




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