When I read that they are going to freeze Social Security for another year, I thought of the "little gray-haired lady" in line to pick up a prescription. The elderly gentleman at the counter remarked that the cost of medication was breaking him.

The lady turned toward me and said, "I can't believe the way the administration is treating us. You know where seniors stand on their priority list. I'm practically a vegetarian now ... not of my choosing. If they think that our cost of food and medicine isn't going up, they have their head up their wazoo."

I could understand freezing Social Security if our government were frugal, but blowing billions of dollars on bailouts and stimulus packages (without any positive results, and without even knowing where a lot of this money went) while leaving seniors to struggle is ludicrous.

Fifty-eight million people who made significant efforts toward the growth of this great nation are on Social Security now. More than 20 million have no other source of income. They are suffering.

Where is their voice in Washington - the American Association of Retired People? It is silent on this issue. The only thing AARP is lobbying for is whatever benefits AARP, like selling us insurance. Before you renew your membership or sign up, look into their stand on the issues, such as endorsing Obama's health care.

If anyone wants to help rectify this senior problem with Social Security, while getting this country back on track, be careful how you vote this November.

The thing that made this nation great was big business and small government. We need to get back to that.




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