I vote "yes" for the impeachment of Cheney. Bush and Cheney, the team that took us to war after 9/11, declared "Mission Accomplished" and have mismanaged their way into the second term. How many thousands will die and be maimed for life before it ends?

Bush's war is an atrocity against innocent people who die in far larger numbers than our own soldiers. Bush (under the strong arm of Cheney) has stirred up a Middle Eastern hornets' nest, and I don't know how he can live with himself.

My heart was breaking watching babies dying from dehydration because they are sick from either no water or drinking filthy diseased water. Drinking water, the most basic human need, is not being provided to these people. Thousands have relocated to Syria to take their families out of harm's way, but they have run away only to find desperate hunger and thirst in refugee camps.

Some of the reports and film gets broadcast, but who is helping those refugees. Doesn't anyone care? What can be done to deliver them relief?

Now Iraq is in a tremendous power struggle over which tribe will torture and kill their way into power. We can't rebuild what we have destroyed because it will only get bombed again because of this civil war. Our presence there is only making matters worse, and their leaders have asked us to leave.

I say we should leave and let the Iraqi leaders deal with the tribal factions. We could probably do more good by leaving Iraq and sending relief to aid the displaced and hungry.

Let's face it, we invaded a country and have destroyed more than we could ever rebuild, and all to bring down a few bad guys - bad guys who have proven to not even be involved with the bigger threat to the world. God help us and forgive us for putting Bush and Cheney in charge of our nation. I hope we can recover.

Donna Murphy



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