We elected this new president on the basis of his promise for change, yet he ignores the disproportionate carnage and violence on the part of Israel's military against the Palestinian civilians as if it's justified.

Does he not understand that military violence against civilians from any side of any dispute in any form is not justifiable? And does he not understand that for so many of us, this is precisely the kind of change we were hoping for?

We are so far beyond the time to need to speak out against the use of military violence against civilian populations as a war tactic, by our own government for decades past (and presently) as well as others. Where is the governmental leadership that represents any sort of moral high ground here? It's missing and has been for way too long.

There is no room for "reaching across the aisle" on this issue. It's simply wrong by any standards that matter and it has to stop.

Jane Anderson



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