The leaders of the new colonies initiated representatives and a president at that time to rule the people, over whom they were given great power. Over time, the masses honored these political representatives with all the reverence due to those who were true guardians of the legislative body "by the grace of the creator."

But has the lack of oversight permitted the germ of disintegration to creep in? Have the representatives become intoxicated with power? Have they forgotten that that power had been put into their hands by the will of the people, as a sacred trust; that they were given council for the purpose of dealing justly and helping people?

Are they now using their power corruptly, for selfish ends and personal aggrandizement instead of for the common good? Are they arrogating to themselves privileges and authorities never intended for them? Are they abusing these high, exquisitely derived powers for the purpose of authority and revenge?

As we look around, is the same true not only of the legislative body, but also of the elites and higher classes? When one considers the power possessed by them over their fellow citizens of the less-developed classes, is it not easy to understand that its misuse will being about unwanted conditions? Could it be, if we allow politics-as-usual to control our thinking, then that will be our demonstration? However, if we the people become more vigilant and create a new pattern of corrective quality our children will face an amazing future. I believe that is what the new colonies had in mind when they placed "we the people" at the beginning of our Constitution.