The prospect of granting lottery funds to inventors is the action proposed by HB 3235, currently before the Trade and Economic Development Committee chaired by District 50 lawmaker John Lim. It could turn out to be the biggest sleeper bill this session.

Invention is the only material thing that improves our standard of living. The inventors of electric power and lights are long dead, but their inventions enhance our living every day. The government funded development of the first computers, which affect nearly everyone.

Many standard of living-improving inventions could be developed faster by funding the gap between idea and profit. Currently, the bill is not limited by age, so everyone from students to retirees could apply. In arguing with a person predisposed to funding education, I said that if teachers would invent, they would teach their students by example and thus earn better pay.

This could be the only proposal with a real chance of improving the quality of education we all pay for. As the bill is currently sitting in committee, I strongly urge you to write your representative supporting this bill and to offer to testify at a hearing on it in Salem.


HB 3235 creator