It’s hard to believe how the Republican Party can do a complete about-face on policy, and no one seems to notice. Particularly when it comes to the oil and gas industry; suddenly fossil fuels are the only way to go, and alternative energy sources are a waste of money, and have no future.

What the heck has happened? Have IQs suddenly dropped overnight? The oil industry is the biggest polluter of both oceans and land. Have we forgotten the BP oil spill or the Exxon Valdez? How about the underground storage tanks that all had to be removed at the owners’ expense? Not to mention countless other crimes in various countries that were never adequately cleaned or paid for.

Every time an alternative to fossil fuel is tried out, the Republicans do all they can to condemn the product, such as the Chevrolet Volt or even wind power. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.

When it comes to the deficit, they are so worried about their children’s future, but what about their futures if we cling to gas and oil? It’s as if they have collective amnesia – more reason we need to invest in education in this country.




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