It is just amazing how some individuals and organizations are still hanging their hats on global warming, or as it is now known, climate change. The latest data from NASA’s Langley Research Center debunk the claims that atmospheric greenhouse gases that Al Gore and all the global warming hoaxers have claimed are overheating and destroying our planet are actually cooling it (“Global warming debunked: NASA report verifies carbon dioxide actually cools atmosphere,”, May 22).

According to the report up to 95 percent of solar radiation is bounced back into space by carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitric oxide (NO), which are abundant in the earths upper atmosphere, greenhouse gases reflect heating energy rather than absorb it. If we continue down the global warming path the earth would be capable of absorbing devastating amounts of solar energy that would melt the polar ice caps and destroy the planet.

There is a war on oil and coal that is holding our economy back. Exporting our coal to other countries not only helps our citizens with sorely needed jobs but also helps underdeveloped countries meet their needs as well. We also need to explore for and produce our own oil.

Producing our own resources would put more people to work and one day wean us off purchasing Middle East oil. The pipeline from Canada to the Gulf coast should be built to hopefully prevent Canada building a pipeline to their west coast and exporting the oil to China.

There is nothing wrong with green energy, providing it can be produced in a safe and economical manner. The environmentalists should concentrate their efforts on how to keep the killing of birds down to a minimum. Up to 39 million birds are killed per year by spinning turbines (“Wind turbines kill up to 39 million birds a year!”, March 18). Turbine blades on large turbines are spinning up to 200 mph at the blade tip. When a bird is struck by the blade they are thrown up to 113.5 meters, thats over 372 feet. 

We need to use all of our natural and manmade resources in a clear and responsible manner.


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