"Whee-ooo, wow-wow-wow, twitter-twitter-whoop whoop." These sounds continue to be ever more prevalent in our local community. Police car? Fire truck? Most likely an Emergency Medical Services ambulance responding to an emergency. It's no fun to be trundled to a hospital, often in great pain or other discomfort, in the back of one of those dreadful but necessary vehicles.

A medical emergency such as a stroke or a heart problem is but one of the many poor-health horrors that befall so many of us. Then there are all the stay-at-home illnesses such as the flu, urinary-bowel problems, miscellaneous injuries - the list goes on and on. Add arthritis, diabetes, dental woes (major tooth loss) and the financial burden becomes totally unbearable, not to mention the physical - and mental - suffering that such poor health entails.

The solution? What can we do to remedy, or just confront this most important and pressing of all the nation's problems - health care? Obama's "revolutionary" health reform? Barely just a stop-gap aid. Better doctors, dentists, hospitals, etc.? Ditto. Better health insurance and more money available for medical/health care? Same again.

All of the doctors, medical/life insurance and financial aid in the world will be of little or no benefit if we ourselves are not a part of it. Yes, it is you and I, as individuals, who can, and hopefully will be the remedy for the nation's - and the world's - terrible health status.

We all have heard and read about personal health care: healthy eating, exercise, rest, proper mental/emotional attitudes, etc. Let's get off our lazy butts and just do it.




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