Keep our representatives at home and responsible. Close down Washington, D.C., offices and living quarters; all offices are to be moved to their home districts. Offices will then be readily available to all constituents in their representatives' districts.

Local offices will be equipped with TV cameras, microphones and a large screen TV which will be hooked up with large screen TVs in Washington. Where each representative now sits, there will be a TV mounted in such a way that the Speaker of the House and vice president can see who is present.

Those who work for the representatives will then be hired from local schools and the community. Local contractors can install and maintain communications equipment. Pages, aides and secretaries will be supplied by the area from which the representatives are elected. Expenses for the daily government operation will be spent as much as possible in the local area instead of Washington.

Open government will then be arrived at because representatives will have to look their constituents in the eye daily. Constituents will be dropping in to the office to watch the proceedings. In the marketplace, the representatives will talk to those they represent (of all political parties). Lobbyists will have to face the same public the representative has to face, on a one-to-one basis.

There will be less tendency for representatives to be unfaithful to their spouses because they will be home at night. Local news media - radio, TV and newspapers - will always be looking over the representatives' shoulders.

This is a starting point to make real positive change in the way government will do business. The money to do this will come from the shovel-ready stimulus package that has not provided new jobs.




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