We can’t sit back complacently thinking there is “a measure of finality” regarding the liquefied natural gas (LNG) issue yet. If you want a good concise overview of what the last 10 years have brought please refer to the editorial, “It took a decade” (The Daily Astorian, April 2).

A decade of letter writing, attending meetings and hearings, protesting on the streets and changing out the Clatsop County Commission. A decade of time and talent, a decade of democracy in action right here in Clatsop County.

But it is not a time to think there is a measure of security, there is still one more county commission meeting coming up soon, and we need everyone to come and be counted if you want a – LNG – free county – a county that does not export our natural resources, a county that does not jeopardize the safety of its citizens and its Columbia River. 

Oregon LNG and their corporate stock holders will continue to use every dirty trick in their bag unless we remain vigilant until the legal hammer comes down with a definitive “Get out of Clatsop County.”

We owe a debt of gratitude to the hundreds of good people who have spent the past 10 years with their precious time, talent and money to organize the effort to protect our region against this corporate greed, which now intends to not only export our resources, but by necessity, build pipelines through our properties. 

Have you read the Oregon LNG Resource Report? In Section it reads in part “no residential areas were identified within 50 feet of the Export Terminal.” How close will you be to this massive facility, affected by air, noise, and light pollution? Will the safety and security of your family be affected in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist related or accidental human “incident” at the LNG facility designated for Warrenton? 

A buffer of 50 feet doesn’t make sense. In fact LNG, for Clatsop County doesn’t make sense.

Call, email or write a letter to the Clatsop County Commission supporting an LNG-free Clatsop County, attend the upcoming June meeting showing your support.