I have never been very political, but I am very passionate about certain things. I have always fought in our area for better education for our future leaders, beginning with when my children began preschool. As our son graduates this June, I know I will still be involved long after he has moved on. Providing the best community college that we in this area can is a must.

I also believe that the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District board is one of the best teams around. They are all very passionate about what they do, from volunteering in this community not only of their intelligence, but of their valuable time.

We in this community are blessed in those who do choose to volunteer. June Stromberg and JudyAnn Dugan are two of those very involved people. I know both of these women to be strong in their convictions and passionate in their beliefs. They know where the "pool" came from and what it has evolved into with Mary Blake at its helm. These women are the driving force behind our parks and recreation being one of the best around the state of Oregon.

My own children walked through the doors of the pool as 3-year olds learning to swim, taking mud pie classes and going to day camps and preschool. I believe that my husband and I, along with the staff of SEPRD, have helped mold our children into the warm, caring human beings they are today. It has always been a safe place to be, have fun and be OK with who you are.

There are many young adults who have been a part of the SEPRD as children, and because of the many options given, have chosen to become employees and give back what they have received.

All I know is the SEPRD works the way it is today, growing and changing with the times, and my belief of "don't mess with what works" stands true. Please join me in voting for June Stromberg and JudyAnn Dugan because they are part of the heart of SEPRD.

Let us also provide a better place to further the education of those who can by providing them with a new and improved campus.




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