Dear anti-liquefied natural gas and coal opponents of the lower Columbia River area:

We have been battling Oregon LNG’s (formerly Calpine) attempt to build an LNG terminal since 2004, when a former port commissioner gave them permission, without public input.

Never mind that Oregon LNG proposes to build the terminal on dredge spoils that have been drilled to 350 feet without finding bedrock, with a water table level of only 6 feet deep (Oregon LNG’s own geology report on the water table).

Its proposed terminal site on the Skipanon Peninsula at Warrenton is at sea level – think tsunami from the earthquake geologists keep warming us about – and Oregon LNG’s geology report lists earthquakes in 1949, 1965 and 2001. The proposed terminal is also in the path of the 2007 hurricane that struck our area with winds up to 150 mph (think Hurricane Katrina).

A few other details include a proposed unreinforced, unscented connecting pipeline (1,500 pounds) that would run through the shifting wetlands and traverse the slide areas in the mountains.

The dredging of acres and acres of prime fish habitat to create a basin for their tankers should just about finish off the commercial fishing industry, especially given the latest restrictions from Salem on our local fishermen.

LNG tanker security would shut down the Columbia River several times per week. One can only imagine the effect that would have on the $22 billion of commerce the Columbia River handles per year – or the thousands of jobs that will be negatively impacted, or lost, throughout the Columbia River basin.

Oh, and don’t forget their proposed storage tank, which would protrude up into the often fog-shrouded air space of the Astoria Regional Airport.

We just celebrated the state of Oregon’s Supreme Court refusing to even hear Oregon LNG’s latest appeal. We also just celebrated the third anniversary of the proposed LNG terminal at Bradwood Landing having thrown in the towel.

Let’s keep up our efforts. It is worth it.


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