Listening to the babblings of King George and his merry men dredges up memories of a many-years-ago Peanuts comic strip. Ironically, since there is nothing even slightly funny about the man who occupies the White House today.

Charlie Brown was on the pitcher's mound.

Behind him was a clear view of the scoreboard depicting Charlie's team 20 runs down. By the third inning, it began to rain. By the sixth inning, the water was ankle deep and it was raining hard. By the seventh inning, Charlie was chest-deep in water and his team was 25 runs down.

The opposing team was swimming for the exit.

The last frame showed Charlie's head just above the water, and that large oval mouth with the little tongue at the bottom screaming, "Quitters."

I wish we could laugh off the incomparable incompetence of King George, and that it was only a mythical 25 to nothing in Iraq.




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