Regarding the letter by Mathew Janes Jan. 21: Either you are very young, or if old enough to know about what went on when President Roosevelt started the Social Security Administration and other plans, were quite well-to-do and didn't want to pay the part the employer paid for his employees. Remember, all employees paid also.

When Roosevelt started these plans, our country had been in a depression and people today have no idea how bad it was. The stock market collapsed, if you at least know your history.

Even after the Depression, people had a hard time. Roosevelt put young men to work in the Civilian Conservation Corps, and they built roads, etc. Other people built dams and lodges and parks.

People who are on Social Security are not Social Security doles. They worked very hard for the money they get now.

The government has been putting the Social Security money in with the regular budget, and has spent a lot of it. They put an IOU in the trust fund. I'd like to know how much that IOU is for.

As for President Bush, in my estimation, Bush is the best president since Roosevelt. I do, however, disagree with him on two counts, and I have called and written him and gotten answers on it.

First, outsourcing. We need to fine or tax the people who send the jobs out and live here. Second, putting money in the stock market could be shaky for young folks. There is no guarantee that companies would not go bankrupt and they would lose everything.


Chinook, Wash.