I live in Scott Lee's district, and I briefly met him when we received our requested yard sign. He has the air of a genuinely nice person. After studying his website, www.votescottlee.com, I learned more about his personal history, deep Northwest roots and broad experience solving problems in the world of work and business administration.

From the website: "About the races for District 1 Clatsop County Commissioner, Scott says: 'My goal is to bring integrity, common sense and a neighborhood-level perspective to county decision making. I want to bring transparency back to the board of commissioners and move past the scandals, recalls and other front page embarrassments of recent years.'" This sounds very good to me and if you want to know more, go to his extremely relevant, interesting website.

One of the very welcome aspects about Scott Lee is his perspective on a good relationship between an elected commissioner and the people he is responsible to. He really believes in open government. He believes commissioners should be accessible to citizens and should treat them with courtesy and respect and that the county's business should be done in public. He believes that people have a right to see how decisions are arrived at and why a commissioner votes as he or she does.

Another crucially important fact is that Scott Lee has also made clear that he does not believe liquefied natural gas will benefit Clatsop County or the Columbia River, and that it likely will destroy more long-term jobs than it creates. Obviously, there are lots of good reasons for rejecting the applications of the erstwhile LNG purveyors, from the survival of the fish to the water pollution and erosion issues.

And don't forget, our house, like much of the rest of Astoria, is in the blast zone if something goes wrong with an LNG ship going to Bradwood. It is almost inconceivable to me that I have to deal with a threat of this magnitude in my quiet little life. But there it is.




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