I've seen the slogan of two incumbent Clatsop County Commissioners, and I just have to say this: You are not "the county," and the jobs you want to "save" are your own.

I am supporting Scott Lee for commissioner in my district. It has been too long since the residents of our community have had someone on the commission who listens and represents us. Lee is asking for your vote because he believes that we need a different kind of leadership. We deserve a commission that makes its decisions out in the open, at their meetings, following discussion. If you have not attended your county commission meetings, you may not realize how little explanation this commission gives for their actions, and how distorted the process has become.

Scott Lee runs a small business where he shows respect for his customers and his employees. He intends to work with other agencies to face up to problems that have been left untended. He has no old, bad decisions to defend.

Let's vote for a different kind of county commission; one that represents us, and one that makes us proud.




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