Warrenton has a proud tradition of being pro-business, and a potentially great opportunity is upon us. There is no doubt that we need to expand our economic base and add family wage jobs to our city. The liquefied-natural-gas receiving facilities being proposed in Warrenton are an opportunity to increase our tax base and provide jobs for 50-80 people. I am aware that these proposals are an emotional issue for many, but I believe that it is in the best interest of Warrenton to allow the regulatory process to go forward to see if the sites proposed in Warrenton are viable and safe.

Over the past 40 years, LNG plants around the world have proven themselves to be very safe. Many of these facilities are located in the highly earthquake-prone areas of Japan and have been engineered to safely withstand major earthquakes. There have been and will continue to be several opportunities for community input during the regulatory process. Many questions have been asked and I am sure that there will many to come. I am confident that as the regulatory process goes forward, these questions will be answered. We must rely on facts rather than emotions when it comes to such an important opportunity as this.

Jeff Hazen