As an Oregon consumer, I ask you to consider the following:

Despite popular belief, smoking bans do cause economic harm. Many local economic markets have seen dramatic drops in tax revenues from public smoking bans.

Smoking is already regulated throughout the United States by age-restriction. Banning adult-age restricted venues such as bars, taverns and restaurant lounges from allowing their customers to smoke is simply government oppression of small business owners.

This legislation will only cause irrevocable and irreversible harm to small business owners who take no holidays. These people work year-round to support their families and provide a place of employment for other family providers.

While I fully support the right of many not to be impacted by secondhand smoke, I also support the reasonable right of smokers to be able to enjoy their legal products without being ostracized or penalized.

Based on the aforementioned points, private business owners and not governments, should continue to be allowed to make the final decisions on how they run their businesses. In a capitalistic society, it is the business owner's decisions that should dictate success or failure.

Kathy Super



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