It is very disturbing to see massive blocks of high-priced condos going up along the Riverwalk in Astoria. And now developers are beginning to push the lower income people out of town.

First to go will be the people in the trailer park near 39th Street to make way for another block of condos. Is this what we want for our unique and beautiful town, which still has a healthy working population?

Do we really want to see it go the way of a town like Seaside, with monoliths containing transient visitors blocking the view for the residents at ground level? Astoria is on the brink of rediscovering itself and is a fun and friendly town with a good mix of workers, retirees and visitors. Theaters and shops are thriving. People interact and care about their community. It would be tragic to see Astoria become a lifeless shell with vacant houses and condos used only as vacation homes.

We deserve better.

Margaret Hines



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