Did anybody read the extremely expensive four-color process newspaper insert expounding on the merits of the port's accomplishments (ad insert "Your Port at Work," The Daily Astorian, Monday)?

I am certain most of you, as I do, laud and applaud the Port of Astoria for the many great things they so proudly presented in that brochure. But then, all of a sudden, the document takes off with the now-pretty-standard, pro-Calpine/SNG liquefied-natural-gas facility propaganda.

What a load of equine scatology, in my humble opinion.

No more or less factual information than before, except now they are using a Calpine-constructed Hermiston power generating plant as a comparable model to the proposed Calpine/Skipanon Natural Gas LNG Transfer terminal, as if there were a comparison of the risk impact of one over the other.

Of course, too, they relate how they, Calpine and the port, sent their hired gun public relations contractor out to Hermiston to speak with "the people," yes, "the people," which consisted of three bureaucrats: the Port of Umatilla executive director, the executive director of the Umatilla County Fair and the Hermiston City Administrator.

As the brochure adds, they also got a positive nod from a field representative of Gordon Smith's office who happened to be working there when the project was under construction. Guess what? They all, to the man/woman, spoke glowingly of their relationship with Calpine.

Remember this, the Hermiston project these people so ebulliently, if that is a real word, compare to an LNG transfer and storage facility they plan to inflict on this community, is an electricity-generating facility and in no way compares.

Remember that Calpine's conduct in this community, so far, and in relation with our own Port Authority, speaks for itself.

Is this the big public relations coup the port commissioners have been promising us? All the facts? As I would expect, all the Web sites that voice concerns and trade equally speculative B.S. are, in the port's view, filling your innocent little heads with erroneous information.

All these sites, as Calpine and the port stress are of questionable integrity.

What an expensive waste, in my view, of four-color process printing.

Who paid for this thing? Us? Our tax money? I bet I could make an accurate guess. By the way, the port calls this document the end result of their "due diligence."

Patrick McGee



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