The editorial, “It took a decade” (The Daily Astorian, April 2) expressed in title, subtitle and context that the efforts to keep Oregon LNG and Oregon Pipeline off the Skipanon Peninsula and out of Clatsop County was successful, and finished.

That is not the case. Oregon LNG and Pipeline’s owner, Leucadia, a New York based holding company, is continuing its goal to have a liquified natural gas and pipeline export/import terminal on the Skipanon in Warrenton. This is after many years of opposition from local, county, state, and elected office holders from Oregon and Washington, plus elected officials from Washington, D.C.

The editor wrote about how our grassroots hard work and continuous efforts, starting in November 2004 with Calpine, had made many successes along the way. The Oregon Supreme Court’s recent ruling to not hear Oregon LNG’s appeal against Clatsop County Commission and Judge Nelson’s determination that Clatsop County under the new commission could reverse the previous decision of the old board was the latest development in the Oregon LNG saga.

We had successful recalls of commissioners and elections and a referendum to ban pipelines in Clatsop County parks, recreation and open areas. Federal, state, county and local meetings were attended by people who saw the dangers to our environment and way of life on the Columbia River with the LNG and pipeline proposals.

We spoke up, we rallied and demonstrated, we wrote letters, we talked with officials, had fundraisers and forums, went to court and informed people about LNG. Much was accomplished, but it is not over yet. Oregon LNG could still get their facility approved. However, our continued vigilance, work and perseverance will stop LNG on the Columbia. Please join us.