Having read the proposal of a log export facility at the Port of Astoria, one has to wonder. In times past, this is the kind industry that made Astoria a viable place to live for working families. The seafood industry, the saw mills, the logging and log exporting businesses all put plenty of money into this town.

I read with great interest Kurt Hanson's comment about this proposal ("Home-town support,"?The Daily Astorian, March 26). My family is five generations deep here. Logging, fishing, farming and mill work have carried us through. Industry allows people to spend money in their communities that would not be available to them with lower paying and often part-time jobs. It appears that log rafts are no longer allowed on the river, so the only way to transport them is by truck.

Let's look around. Unemployment is higher than I have ever seen it in my adult life. Recently, an added bonus has been added - the closing of our saw mill in Warrenton. Dave Westerlund has a proposal for supporting many family wage jobs in our area. He and the president of the port commission asked Mayor Willis Van Dusen if they can proceed with this. I was shocked at the mayor's reaction to this request.

The log export out of Astoria can coexist with anything that is going on now. If Astoria truly wants jobs, this and other industry needs to proceed. The port knows how to do this, they have a long history with log export. Even if this proposal only lasts for a few years, it will help our local economy.



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