People have a short memory where Clatsop Community College is concerned. Not too long ago, Warrenton was neither to CCC's liking nor suitability. Now it's all they want. Talk about a spoiled kid.

Why, when everyone else is making do with what they have, do they feel justified in adding an extra burden on the homeowners of the area? I feel like I'm being asked to provide a steak dinner for someone who already has a freezer full of steaks, and all I can afford to eat is bread and water.

The college needs to do all in its power to make the present campus as good as it can be. They also need to add more courses to cover a wider range of college students.

The burden of funding many projects in this area always falls on the homeowners, not renters. All the extra amounts per month add up. Together with increased commodities and utilities, the "elastic band" is about to break for many, many people. Then what?

So before voting for a new college campus anywhere, send a message to the CCC board of "make do." Lots of people are doing just that around this area. They can do it, too.




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