Warrenton is contemplating annexation of part of the Columbia River. It was proposed by Calpine that the city of Warrenton do this in order to "streamline their licensing process."

Why does Calpine really need this part of the river to be annexed by the city of Warrenton? What is going to be the responsibility of the city of Warrenton and its taxpayers if the city annexes that part of the river and something happens to it; for example, pollution, chemical spills, untreated dredging spoils from the Port of Astoria. Will it be the city's responsibility to clean it up? Will it be the city's responsibility to keep it dredged?

These are all important questions that need to be answered before the city of Warrenton takes the step of annexation of that part of river. If Calpine needs to worry about streamlining the process, maybe there are other issues there that need to be examined.

The meeting to discuss this issue of annexation is scheduled for Tuesday. Any taxpaying citizen of Warrenton should be there to assure your tax dollars will not be thrown into the Columbia River.