This is in response to the headline in the Oct. 11 issue of The Daily Astorian, "Frustrated Marquis lashes out." It continues, "If this thing fails ... I have to seriously consider whether I can continue doing this job."

This ongoing saga continues, and becomes more and more complicated and punitive to our district attorney and to the general public. We have four mean-spirited commissioners against one supportive one, Sam Patrick.

Josh Marquis is an outstanding district attorney, nationally known and respected, as well as being conscientious and very capable in our county. The editorial in the same issue was excellent, and clarified the situation very well ("Expensive fun and games at the county," The Daily Astorian, Oct. 11). As the editor wrote, "Non-lawyers don't manage lawyers."

Thank you for the editorial. Also thanks to Sam Patrick and the whole bipartisan group who worked so hard to get a measure placed on the Nov. 6 ballot, Measure 4-123.

As to the hiring of a high-priced Portland attorney and the attempt to force our district attorney into a "Memorandum of Understanding," it is totally ineffective, and probably unlawful. It is an extreme waste of money, which will far exceed the amount of the stipend, and to what purpose?

Hang in there, Josh Marquis. It would be a crime indeed if you left Clatsop County because of this mess. However, this kind of abuse can hurt deeply and wither away a person's spirit. You are too outstanding for the citizens of Clatsop County to allow that to happen.

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