April 27 was a special day indeed for gentle readers of The Daily Astorian, as they had thrust upon them not one, but two letters to the editor taking the evil "liberal media" to task for their relentless "Bush bashing."

Letter writers Jim Jenkins ("Skewed news") and E. Robert Nassikas ("Bush bashers") both waxed indignant over the media's determination to describe the present administration in anything other than glowing terms. No doubt to them, news reporting containing facts such as over 3,300 troops killed and tens of thousands more wounded in Iraq would constitute "Bush bashing."

As would be reporting now-proven lies by this administration starting with the lies pontificated to get us into the biggest foreign policy debacle in American history, to more recent uncovering of lies such as the cause of death of U.S. Army Ranger Pat Tillman.

Fox Network viewers, according to a study by the University if Maryland's Program on International Policy Attitudes, become more misinformed about the world the more they watch the network. A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found viewers of The Daily Show and Colbert Report likely to be better informed than the average Fox News consumer.

The mainstream media seemed lost and confused as to supplying us an explanation for the killings at Virginia Tech. Yet Fox News viewers were provided a keen insight posthaste when (Fox religion) correspondent Lauren Green pondered whether the shooting deaths of 32 people at Virginia Tech was part of the ongoing struggle between God and Satan. She reports, Fox viewers decide.

And then there is Rush Limbaugh, whose truthfulness and credibility are beyond reproach, heard recently to say, "It has not been proven that nicotine is addictive." I would ask, "How about pain pills, Rush?" But that might be construed as "Rush bashing."




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