The hoopla over the pump house on West Irving Avenue amazes me, especially in the light of much bigger issues. For example, the proposed atrocity of liquefied natural gas plants being sited on our beautiful Columbia River, desecrating our hometown, all in the name of supposed jobs and a broadened tax base.

Ultimately, this would come at an enormous cost.

An LNG plant would be much uglier and certainly a lot bigger.

According to the Aug. 2 The Daily Astorian ("Really ugly - and built in the wrong place"), relocating the pump house has a price tag of $88,639. The price seems rather exorbitant. Where will this money come from?

It is indeed ugly. However, why not use some of the brilliantly creative minds in our community to design a cover to beautify the structure? Even after construction costs, that would be bound to cost a lot less. It is closer to the road than code allows. With all things considered, is that really so important? What a waste of valuable time and resources it would be to move it.

Would it not be better to use that amount of money for our schools or other worthwhile projects to truly benefit our town?