I've been a musician for almost 50 years and am part of the 1960s-1970s generation. Politics and I have been strangers, mostly chiefly because the song I hear from most politicians is "Promise, promise, I really promise ..."

I remember listening to Clinton's first state of the union address and thinking if 10 percent came true, this would be a better country. Isn't that the status quo? And the reason so many have turned a deaf ear to the song?

But then there's that guilt factor, "I should vote for someone," or at least a party's mandate. Then "Mr. Smith goes to Washington," and we cheer him on, wishing we actually had someone like that looking out for us. Well, Mr. Smith has come to Clatsop County, and his name is Robert Mushen, our county commissioner.

I'm comparing him to this fictional movie character not because of his promises, speeches or personality, but because in four months he has delivered more for this county than I've seen some politicians accomplish in a lifetime. And he did it for us.

So before you vote for a pretty face, or down party lines, do yourself a favor and check out Robert Mushen's record. You'll be shocked like I am - "that much in how long a time?" Because Mr. Smith has come to Clatsop County, and we should be standing on our feet cheering him on, and help him to win unanimously - because there's no contest between actual achievements and empty rhetoric.


Cannon Beach


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