Two weeks ago, a southbound car left Wahanna Road and tore out about 90 feet of my neighbor's chain link fence. I addressed the county commission about this problem and other traffic hazards on Wahanna. Two weeks later, nothing.

Again, last Friday, a car traveling south on Wahanna sideswiped three trees, scraping off the bark. It destroyed a telephone box and a chain-link fence before landing upside down, injuring the driver on the same fence that was hit just two weeks ago.

How large of a body count do we need before any of my suggestions for safety will be implemented? Do we have to take the law into our own hands?

Citizens of Wahanna Road, I am starting a neighborhood watch to lobby for a safer Wahanna, with four-way stops at Lewis and Clark and Wahanna, and at 12th Street and Wahanna. Ban log trucks during school hours, lower speed limits, and improve road maintenance and law enforcement on Wahanna. Please write Dave Langlo, 1421 N. Wahanna Road, in Seaside, or call 738-7632.