What has all the training in police departments, classrooms and jobs got us? We have all passed the grade. It is that time of the year to focus on the candidates who offered themselves to serve important positions in our county.

Historically, the sheriff has represented the highest law enforcement officer of a county, who at times has been in position to proclaim a state of emergency for the county, and is entitled to call on every able-bodied man in the county to function under his direction.

The three candidates who filed as candidates for sheriff prior to Mike Nelson presented a post office box for contact. Nelson filed using a residence address, along with publicly welcoming you to join him at his residence. He has put himself on the line, offering transparency for us to get beyond the paper that stuffs the post office boxes. Sheriffs know security concerns and privacy are a fact of life, and those candidates who chose a post office box for contact of public record were thinking of themselves.

This election, we are dealing with the most important position in the county. Nelson presented himself as a person with a residence, which is beyond the minimal requirement the other candidates presented.

I have been a classmate and a friend of Mike Nelson, but that is not the reason I support him for sheriff. Support for him comes from the real fact that he put himself on the line above all others through the personified filing with the Clatsop County Elections Department.

Anyone willing to avail himself in such a high position for our county deserves our votes.




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